NDI Aspect Ratio



The NDI stream is limited to 16x9 which is a little restrictive as being able to output to 4x3 and 4x2/4x1 would be handy.


Is it possible to add addition options to the NDI stream including custom?


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Seconding this, for reasons outlined in this thread.

To quote my own post:

It would be great as a way to "cheat" the ability to do lower thirds in OBS (and presumably vMix, etc.) by setting the NDI resolution to something like 1280x960, or 4:3 @720p. This would allow one to position a 16:9 portion of the frame in the scene (which could also be fed to the projector, at least in OBS) while also leaving 240 pixels across either the top or bottom that can be cropped down and used for whatever visuals one wants to in the stream. I feel like this would be a significantly easier solution that the "multiple NDI outputs" request being thrown around, and by FAR more operator-friendly than suggesting one uses multiple PCs just to handle one venue.

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