Export Songs to a Word Document

Customer would like to export items from a schedule.

Preferably export songs to a word document.

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We regularly need to export to a .txt file for a church member who uses a braille reader. At the moment we export to pdf then open in a pdf reader (e.g. Word) and save as txt.

It would be much appreciated and would meet both our needs if a txt output was available as well as the pdf version.

Would like to print to a Word Document, to create a custom songbook for Nursing Home Minstry and similar outreach activities.

This site may help with exporting songs to txt format.


This looks good for those wanting to export a job lot of songs but I need to export just those in the schedule for the Service.

It seems to me that if EW can export in .pdf, it should be fairly simple to give us the option to export in .txt as well.

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