Name Of The Bible Translation - POVITR PUSTOK

Abbreviation - NRSV  (New Revised Standard Version)

Language - KONKANI



Hi Fred

any response from the Bible Society

Hi Johnny

No, I haven't received any info from them back

Hi Fred

Any update in regards to the Bible 

Samuel did you get any response from them we need one in london here at my church

Hi Samuel, No, we have not heard back. I would recommend contacting them directly to try and initiate the conversation and then we could take over after the conversation has been started.

Hello Br. Fred

Did you receive any response from Bible Society

We Church are awaiting for this Bible 

Could you please help us in this 

Yes, it is Deferred because we are awaiting a response from the Bible Society. Once we hear back from them, it will be moved to Planned or Not Taken. On our end, it takes about 2 weeks to complete a Bible; however, we often spend several months just waiting on responses from the Bible Society (if we ever hear back from them at all).

Dear Fred 


The request that we made for the Konkani Bible has been Deffered, Just of Knowledge how long does it take to complete

The Publisher has been contacted and we are awaiting response.

I am unable to locate any information on this Publisher. Can you locate some contact information for them?

It depends on how fast we can get a signed contract from the Publisher. 


May i know how long does the process take for the Bible to make into ewb format

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