User-Friendly Slide Forwarding on Sunday Mornings

How would you like the feature to work?  I would love a powerpoint-type easily intuitive interface for forwarding slides on Sunday Mornings. The screen is so busy and sometimes last-minute volunteers have no idea what to do. Can you create a view for forwarding slides that just forwards slides? No edits/creation on the fly? Create something where a volunteer literally presses "enter" or the right arrow to move from slide to slide to slide to slide? As it hits a new presentation, it would go through each slide in that presentation before moving on to the next one. And once you "go live" that would be it -- you'd be live until church is over without another "go live" keypress.Like I said above, something like how Power Point works. You press "start slideshow" and with pressing  enter or an arrow key it moves through the presentation slide by slide until you press "end slideshow."  Can we have something like that in Easy Worship?

Why is this feature important to you?

On Sunday morning when we go live often volunteers are driven away by how complex the screen looks. It seems to me that you guys have built so much 'on the fly' creative power into Easy Worship that it is cumbersome for the average guy who just wants to press "enter" to keep the slides moving on Sunday morning. None of our volunteers are fixing/editing/creating anything on Sunday morning. It's all been created beforehand. Having a more intuitive way to move through every slide in a schedule from first slide to last would really help simplify our Sunday mornings!

Thank you for your consideration of this suggestion.


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You might try the following. 
You can change the view to preview and live combined. 
Then collapse the resource area by dragging it to the bottom. 

If you don't want the resource area completely hidden, you can drag it so that that only the tabs are seen. When you click a tab, the resource area will pop up and go away when you click off of it. 
Click the song on the left and click on the slide on the right to send it to the screen. 
Or double click the song on the left and it goes live. Then use the arrows under the preview window to control it. 




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