Shift master controls to center of screen

Shift the Go Live, Alerts, Logo, Black Screen, Clear and Live buttons to the center of the screen to make them more accessible.  It is very difficult to use the CLEAR button when it is so far away from the panel in which you manage your visible slides.

How would you like the feature to work?

Just like they do now, but the location is very inconvenient in EW6.  They would offer much smoother access if they were directly above the Live panel instead of the Live Output panel.

Why is this feature important to you?

In EW2009, lyrics were managed from the right-hand panel and the CLEAR button was directly above.  this made it very convenient to clear the words of a song during an extended vocal pause.  Since live slides are now managed from the center panel, it is difficult to use the clear button smoothly during songs.  this is especially true if you operate EW6 on a very large monitor screen.


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I see what Amanda means but for me I would not move it. I think she is  using the  "Live with Resource" View and for that view her comment is valid. I use the "Preview and Live " (similar to the EW 2009 layout) for which those positions are perfect. Maybe those buttons need to move with the various "View" changes.

I agree that when used on a 16:9 wide monitor, the layout could be improved and have suggested that in another feature request. I am using EW on a 19 inch 4x3 monitor that has been rotated to vertical which gives a much better  operating layout (for EW) but  does not work too good for other software e.g. PowerPoint.

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