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How would you like the feature to work?

  Currently you can Print a schedule to PDF (Summary), and Print to DPF (Details). The Summary just prints the titles of the songs to a single page, and the Detail option prints all the words with each song to 1 page for each song.

 I would like to print the slides just as they are seen on the screen, one to each page. So if a song has 5 slides, this is 5 pages in the PDF, in landscape mode, with backgrounds and license footer... just like you see on the screen.

Why is this feature important to you?

  Sometimes you are remote, away from your normal computer. Conference, campout, small group, jail ministry, college campus ministry, etc. Having a laptop with EW installed is not always an option. But just about every computer (laptop or desktop, Mac or PC) has a PDF viewer. It would still require an EW license to create the PDF through EW, but then it could be viewed on any computer.

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Any thoughts on this feature?


very much needed, it is for many the reason not to use easyworship asn use powerpoint....

the sooner the better!

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