Song Part Master Definitions and Ordering

I would like to see a "song" object be redefined as a collection of SongParts and not slides as currently constructed. Ideally, it would be both- you could edit the Song, then switch to Slide View and edit the final view of the song, which would be generated by a combination of SongParts and the Order (or sequence) in which they should appear.

For example...

"Mighty to Save" consists of Verse 1 ("Everyone needs compassion"), Chorus ("Saviour, he can move..."), Verse 2, Bridge. If I currently wanted to repeat Verse 1, I'd have to create a new Song Part. This is fine, but it creates the possibility of a manual error in the copy/paste process, as well as complications if/when Verse 1 needs to get updated or corrected in the future, since you'd have to make the changes in at least two places.

A better option would be if Verse 1 is a unique object within Song.Name("Mighty To Save"). Then, you could create an order or sequence Song would go in, so that SongOrder[0] and SongOrder[1] would both refer to Song.Verse1. That SongOrder object would be what generates the slide/live view. Now, if I need to change the order on the fly, I just reorder the parts of the song and go, instead of an arduous copy/paste editing operation. It would also allow for effectively hiding song parts that are rarely used, like Amazing Grace's 17 verses (actually only 7) could be pared down to "V1, V2, V3" and then the other four are hidden, but saved in the database should anyone ever want to do the rest.

For a better example of how this would work, check out OnSong's song editor. It could be improved upon with a point and click interface vs their touch-centric implementation, but that engine is amazing and really helpful.

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