How Many Computers Can I Install EasyWorship On?

Modified on: Mon, 12 Apr, 2021 at 3:48 PM

Subscription License Details for EasyWorship Use

The Subscription License is a campus license that allows you to install and concurrently use the EasyWorship on an unlimited number of computers that relate to a single church or organization location. 

Your Subscription License covers the following uses:

Staff and volunteers installing EasyWorship on their home computers to create service schedules, your church groups using EasyWorship in homes, one of your pastors installing EasyWorship to a laptop for use while ministering at another church or conference, or installing it at a youth or children’s facility that is off-campus or in a separate building on the same property. (EasyWorship can be installed on multiple computers but only for use with that one location.)

Your Subscription License does not cover installation at additional church plants or other campuses that would be considered multi-campus.

An additional Subscription License must be purchased for a church plant, satellite campus, missionary, separate traveling ministry, parachurch organization supported by your church, or any other off-campus adult ministry that employs its own staff or has a separate office.

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