When is EasyWorship going to be Updated

When you are paying an annual subscription for software, it normally would have regular updates but this doesn't seem to apply to EasyWorship. The last update which was a fix update was back in March 2023, The last feature update was alternate output which was 3 years ago.

The Topics for Development Pipeline are 6 years old and the Announcements/News are 3 years old. So when are we going to know about what's happening in the development of EasyWorship 8 and what are the proposed features that we can look forward to.

We don't have a lot of information to release just yet for the next version, but we are in the final stages of development for EasyWorship 8 and are internally testing it right now. So, there is not a release date yet, but beta will be available soon.

Thanks Dan, at least we now know that something is being developed.

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