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I have reset my password more then once because this keeps happening to me. Sometimes I can log in sometimes I can't. I have to log in, in order to use the premium for backgrounds and for them to be saved to my easy worship profile if not I can't use them. Why can't I log in, when I want to? why does it only work sometimes???? Im frustrated and i need backgrounds for my church!!

Please Help me quickly

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The only reason I can think of why you wouldn't be able to log in is if the password is being typed in wrong. I'm not saying that is the only reason, but you might contact support when it happens if you can and they can look at the account.

If you have a premium subscription, you can go to the media tab in EW and click on Premium and download the premium media there directly into EW. You don't need to go to the website in a browser window outside of EW to download that premium media.

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