EasyWorship froze after deleting a batch of PowerPoint filez

Easy worship froze when I was deleting a batch of PowerPoint files. It was working fine before then. Now whenever I open it, it freezes and I can’t do anything. I have reinstalled the program several times. Any other ideas?

I've run into that a few times and the only way I was able to fix it was by restoring the deleted power point or presentation files. Once I did that EW would stop freezing. I could then delete the files in smaller batches of 3 or fewer at a time. Anything more than that would cause the freezing. I also determined that using Windows File Manager to delete files caused this a more than deleting them directly from EW. I imagine it has something to do with a database issue, but I don't have any verification from EW Support about that. 

Unfortunately it's doubtful that anyone from EW Support will respond to your most until Monday as they are closed over the weekend. If you absolutely need to get this running for this weekend I would recommend using Windows File Manager to move the existing profile to a different location, then start EW and it will create a new profile that should work. It will be missing all of the songs, images, videos, Bibles, etc., but you can import the ones you need from you old profile to get you thru this weekend while you wait for EW Support to respond to you.

Thank you Donal for your quick response! Really appreciate it! It worked. I have to reimport everything but at least it works now.

Glad to hear it.

You might want to download and use the Profile Transfer Tool to backup your profile every few weeks so you will have a fairly recent backup of a working profile if you ever run into issues in the future.

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