Profiles (song displays) don't match between computers

The profile we use on our sound booth computer doesn't match the profile on the computer on which I build the schedules. I used the profile transfer tool to copy the profile. The songs built in EW are all there but the fonts display a different size on my build computer. When I load the schedule in the sound booth I have to replace all of the songs with the ones on the sound booth computer. Please help!

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First thing would be to make sure that when you save the Schedule you need to check the box that says "Pack files in schedule"


Next you will probably need to go into "Edit - Options" in EW to make sure that all of the font settings are the same on the two computers. Also check that both computers have all of the same fonts installed.

It also helps to have both computer's screens running the same resolution and scaling.. Our pastor creates his own Sermon Presentation and I have to tweak it a little each week as the screens on his computer run a different resolution than our EW Projection computer.

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