Videos in not displaying in any version of EasyWorship (2009, 6, 7)

Hi I have an issue where no video will display in any version of EasyWorship (2009, 6, 7).

So when I go to play a video, the video plays, it only shows a black screen, but there is sound. 

Because of this issue, we cannot use video backgrounds for scriptures or songs, nor play videos that we add to the schedule.

Images display fine and as intended, but any time a video is attempted to be played, only a black screen is displayed

I've tried playing both WMV and MP4 videos in EasyWorship.

When I play the videos in VLC, they come out fine, but not in EasyWorship.

Here's what the troubleshooting video codec log says:

FILE - 20/04/2024 18:02:00
Source - Heaven.wmv (Merit)
WMAudio Decoder DMO
WMVideo Decoder DMO
Video Mixing Renderer 9
Default DirectSound Device

FILE - 20/04/2024 17:57:57
Source - SESSION 5 -  How Different People Were Called [P6BmBoFPSP0].mp4 (LAV)
Microsoft DTV-DVD Video Decoder
Microsoft DTV-DVD Audio Decoder
Video Mixing Renderer 9
Default DirectSound Device


Here's an example of the video background for a scripture not displaying. You can see what video is supposed to look like in the preview panel


Here's an example of an MP4 video only displaying a black screen. Likewise is the same for a WMV video:


Here is an example of images still displaying fine:


Does anyone have any solutions to this problem?

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What are the specs of the computer you're using? Specifically, the graphics card. 

Is it a laptop or desktop computer? 

What outputs are you using, just main output or also foldback and / or Alternate output? 

Do the videos that come with EW work or just the ones that you add yourself don't work?

I'm having the same issue. What do you do? I have a laptop. Just using the main output. The videos that come with EW don't work. 

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