Export library index and songs as text

Looking to be able to export



as text for blind with screen reader

I am sorry but I do not have any idea on how you would be able to do that. Maybe someone else on the Community knows. 

It is not working - that is why I am asking

I asked around in community and found:


That is not something that we have made so I cannot say if it will work. 

 The closest I can think of to get what you want (or at least close to is) would be to create a schedule with the songs properly formatted. Once that is created go to the Files menu at the upper left then go to "Reports and Printing" then click on "Print Schedule Report (Details)". You can print that directly or as a PDF, or you can save if as a Text file. That might get you something that you could work with.

Thanks Donal - I did not realize I could create a schedule and save as a PDF - that will work - thanks for the suggestion and have a great day :)

Case closed !

Jim Willis

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