EasyWorship transitions lagging.

Our church was given a new laptop. The laptop runs fast on EasyWorship and we managed to transfer all our EasyWorship files to the new laptop. It all runs smoothly until it comes to the transitions. Changing slides with a blend effect makes the software pause and then just cut to the next song/verse. Using the “Clear” mode does the same thing (pausing and cutting instead). We connected to a screen (1024x768) and it does the exact same thing. What can I do? LAPTOP: ASUS Vivobook Core i7 Intel iRIS graphics 16GB Ram 256GB Storage

That laptop doesn't even come close to meeting even the minimum hardware requirements to run EW7. EW7 mainly uses the Graphics Card/Chip and integrated Intel graphics can't handle it. Unfortunately, it isn't possible to upgrade the graphics on a laptop. There are a couple of things that might help. 

First, reboot the computer, then re-install EW from the latest version Essentially you will be performing what is called a Repair install. It's possible that there was some file corruption during the install. A few people have posted that this helped them with similar issues.

Try without any backgrounds on the slides, No images, and especially no motion backgrounds to see if that helps. Motion backgrounds can cause a lot of stutter, especially if they are high resolution, high BitRate videos).

Try without transitions (re, set them to none).

Essentially, you just have to experiment to see what helps and what doesn't. I have been able to tweak the backgrounds and system that allows our Childrens Church to be able to run EW7 on a 10 year old laptop with Integrated Intel Graphics at 720p (1280 x 720). It will balk with motion backgrounds, but is fine with still images.

Here are the System Requirements for EW7.


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