Adding camera feed over audio file in schedule


I'm trying to add a step to my schedule that is an audio file (mp3). That works fine. I now want to add the video feed from camera (as set up as a 'Feed'). We know the feed from the camera is working fine as we use it a lot.

If I drag the Feed over the top of the audio, the music plays but there's no camera feed showing.

If I drag the Feed inside the audio, the music plays but I need to move on to get the camera feed showing, and the music stops.

I've tried adding a Feed to the schedule first and then dragging the audio file on top, and that creates 2 objects.

How can I play the file with the video feed from the camera at the same time?

I'd appreciate a rapid response, if there's a solution that I've missed. We've a wedding coming up and we want to play music as the bride walks down the aisle, with the camera images shown on the screen.

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Hi Don, Sorry this didn't get answered for you more quickly. I've been away for a couple of weeks. 

You can do this. You need to create a Presentation or a song and set the feed as a background to your slide. You don't need text or lyrics on the slide, it can be blank with just the camera feed as the background. Then add that presentation or song to the schedule and drag and drop the audio file onto it. That should do it for you.

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