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To Whom it might concern,

I would like to start by thanking you for making this incredible software that has been a blessing for our congregation.  our church is mainly a Spanish speaking in the city of Lamont CA and Easyworship has worked flawlessly. 

in addition, lately we been welcoming English speaking people and we wanted to see if you could add an option to have multiple versions of the scripture in the same slide. for instance, a way to put the Spanish and English version together in one slide so it's easier instead of switching language one at a time.

thanks in advance, May God continue blessing you. 

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The only way I know to accomplish this is to create two Scripture Boxes side by side or one at the top and one at the bottom and put one language in one side and the other language in the other. You would have to do this manually though as there isn't any way that I know of to automate this. You could setup a Theme with the two boxes to make that easier. Other than that I don't know any other options.

Of course when actual EW Support looks at this they might have some other options that I am not familiar with. I'm just a user attempting to help other users when I can.

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