CCLI vs. Easyworship fee

Does the subscription to easyworship include the CCLI fee?

It does not. CCLI is a different company not related to EasyWorship. 

So if I understand correctly, I still pay for a CCLI license, and easyworship is no longer free. I this correct?

EasyWorship has never been a free program. 

If I may ask, how are you affiliated with East Worship? Or are you also a user like myself?

Terry is an employee of EW and has been for quite awhile.

Paying for a license for EasyWorship will give you access to send the EW output to your projectors/TVs without a watermark. 

CCLI is a separate company and paying for a license with them will allow you to display song lyrics to an audience, print music, and more. They also provide the SongSelect service which allows you to download song lyrics, print chord sheets and lead sheets. If you have a license for EasyWorship, CCLI, and SongSelect, you can legally download copyrighted song lyrics into EasyWorship and show them on a screen to an audience.

Mr. Willard, thank you, I will be following thru with registration payment soon.
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