Invalid class

i just subscribed. it says " invalid class" when i put my new info

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I replied to the ticket you created we can work on it better there. 

Went to open EW and it ask for log in. Put in all my information and it says invalid class. Change my password etc… still getting the same result. If y’all can help me out. Thanks
Here’s a picture
(3.33 MB)

What version of EW are you trying to log into? What version of windows is on the computer?

Do you have a valid license of EW for the version you're trying to register?

I do apologize for this very late response. Says I’m up to date
(4.26 MB)
Ok. I got it now! Please disregard. Thanks

I am having this identical problem. What was the fix?

@Agapefellowshipct which build of EW 7 are you running and what version of Windows?

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