remote control not working

I got the remote control app on my ipad to work.  It shows the current schedule and I can select items in the left lower menu but I can not select them on the live are to have them appear on the screen.  

Also, I had a horrible time getting to connect the ipad to easy worship. I followed all the steps, did the trouble shooting and it woudl not work.  One HUGE piece of information they left out in all of this, you have to turn on the remote control feature in easy worship on your computer.  I just happened to run across that.  What  pain, that should have been one of the first things they told you to check.


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John, if you watched the training video on setting up the remote, turning the remote feature on in EW is the first thing I go over after downloading the app on your iPad or phone. It starts at about the 40 second mark in the video link below.

Remote App Training Video

Also in the video, it will show you how to give the remote app full control so you can use it as a remote device. Make sure you click on the Remote button in EW and next to your iPad connection, if you see a 'Lock' icon, click it to unlock it and it will change to a phone icon to give you full control.

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