easyworship 2006 to EW7

we have EW 2006 at church and have played with the Demo for EW7

and we plan to change over. 

2006 is on an old computer and EW7 is one a new one

how do i transfer all my songs from 2006 to EW7

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If you have 2006 you would need to install EasyWorship 2007 and left it convert the data and then you would need to install EasyWorship 7 to convert the data again. 

Here is a link to EW 2007 https://www.easyworship.com/downloads/ew_builds/Archive/2007/EasyWorship_web.2007.1.7.exe

Here is the link to the EasyWorship 7  EasyWorship 7 Software Download : EasyWorship 

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