Can't access SongSelect

Hello, I receive an error when attempting to open Songselect inside Easy Worship.  The error states I need to upgrade my version, but when I check the version, I am notified I am up to date... Thoughts? Thank you!

The latest version is  Clicking the check for updates link in EW itself does not always go to that release, but it is the one you want.

Also see this thread for information on how to utilize the way to access SongSelect via their API.

Also, if you still using EW6 or 2009 you will not be able to access SongSelect directly in EW any longer.


I am sorry I wasn't clear. I am on EW For the past two years I have clicked the Web button and then Songselect. Once there I select the lyrics I want, hit import and I am set. 

Now when I hit the Songselect button I receive a message that says due to a recent update on the Songselect website, this feature is no longer available. Then it says to use the new Songselect API in the Resource Library below. 

This morning I noticed a thread that mentioned Songselect was in the Songs tab now...  and it is... I still haven't figured out how to view a song... that's the next challenge. Thank you.


To view a song click on the DETAILS button to download a small PDF file with the lyrics and chords. 

Vance, check out this video!

EasyWorship 7.4

About the 1:45 mark in the video talks about this specifically.

Thanks Dan. I figured you guys had a video on this somewhere, but wasn't able to locate it. 

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