Terjemahan Baru 2 (TB2) (PBTB2)

Hai there,

I would like to request a new translation of the Bible for Indonesia. Previously, there was the Terjemahan Baru (TB) of the Indonesian Bible, but since February 9th, the Indonesian Bible Society (LAI) has launched an update to TB called Terjemahan Baru 2 (TB2). Here is the official article from the LAI website: https://www.alkitab.or.id/layanan/berita-detail/pater-cletus-groenen-janganlah-membuat-kitab-suci-menjadi-sesuatu-yang-rumit-ruwet-dan-sulit

This is TB2 that has been launched by YouVersion: https://www.bible.com/bible/2863/MAT.1.PBTB2

I hope that TB2 can be available in EasyWorship, as TB2 is now the officially used translation of the Bible in Indonesia.

Thank you.

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