Easy worship not recognising my registration

I have been registered with Easy Worship and paying my subscription for some time but then had the NIV 2011 i had purchased not working (saying not registered) and then on Sunday had watermark of Easy worship on screen when all subscriptions are up to date.  

I am paying for product that is not working. please help. 

Unfortunately, this is a forum that is mainly users helping other users. You'll need to contact actual EW Support via the links at the bottom of this page (I can't post the link as my post will be hidden until an EW Support persons okays it due to the link). That said, it's rather doubtful that one of their support people will see your post until Monday May 29th, or Tuesday May 30th due to Monday being a holiday in the United States.

The only thing I can think of is your purchased the NIV Bible using a different account than the one that EW is registered to and in trying to fix it you ended up signing into that account instead of the Church's account. Unfortunately, I'm just a regular user attempting to help other users as I can and have no special knowledge or access to any of EW's support, registration, and billing information or databases to dig deeper.

Many thanks for your email.  All resolved now before Sunday morning. It seemed to be a log in issue that i had not before   

Good to hear.

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