How to Change Registration and Organization Information on Easy Worship v 7?

Good Afternoon Support:

Our current version 7 Build of Easy Worship is registered to one of the Church’s Deacons.

We would like it registered to the Church’s email address instead of his personal email address. Please advise as to how we go about this change? The software will remain on the same computer.

Also when does the current subscription end?

Login to EW via the Support link at the upper right hand of this page with the original email and password of the Deacon. Once in there you can change the information. If you have any problems you should contact EW Support via the phone number or email address at the bottom of this page, or create a Support Ticket. Due to privacy and security concerns they don't want people posting personal information in the forums.

Regarding the end date of your current subscription, you will need to refer to your Easy Worship license or contact their support team directly. They will be able to provide you with the exact date when your subscription ends. Be prepared to provide your license details or any other necessary information to verify your subscription status.

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