Premium Media doesn't always import

As I look through the list of premium media (we have the subscription), and I find something I like, it happens more often than not that the media does NOT import.  It sits and spins and says "Importing" for a few minutes, and then times out.  A placeholder shows up in my media library, but no image/video is with it.  

To try and work around this, I go to and to the media section and try to find the image/video I want, but I find that sometimes what I'm looking for isn't there at all (most of the time it is).  For example, today I tried to download the "Men's Ministry Volume One: Title Motion - Bible Study" item.  It wouldn't download, it just sat and spun.  I had to go to the website to download it instead.  

BTW, we have 300Mbps up and down, so our internet speed isn't the issue.

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The only time I've had this issue is when I'm on a bogged down network. I was using a guest network at a church with lots of other people connected to the same network. Once I connected to a stable network with more bandwidth, I was able to download without any issues.

The speed of the internet wouldn't be the issue, but your bandwidth could be an issue. How many devices are using that same network at the time you're downloading the media?

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