Top Left Justify Media?

Is there a way to tell EasyWorship to justify media to the top left instead of the center when it is in auto mode for the aspect ratio? I want it to maintain the original ratio, but justify it to the top left, not the center.

We have what might be a bit of a unique set up going on. We have our main screen in the center of our room, then we have older LED panels that we want to set up as columns on each side of the stage. The two screens are incompatible with each other, so it has to be set up where the computer sees them as two separate monitors. So, even though in the room, there are two columns on the left, then the main screen in the center and then two more columns on the right; the computer sees it as one display on the left and one are the right. When it really matters, I can edit video so that it works out.

The issue is that I would like to play a standard 16:9 video, without having to re-render it to add the additional 640 pixels to the right side of it. Some videos I will make custom to add the columns, but only for Sunday mornings. Also, if we decide to add something at the last minute, I want to just play it, not have to mess around with getting it set. I know I could add it to a slide in a song or presentation and line it up on the left, but then I have to do that with every video and (at least with the song) it won't show on the foldback. When we have an actual song live, it works fine, I generally don't mind if it stretches the background, for us they are typically pretty abstract anyway.

I have attached a Display Settings screen shot so you can see how our monitors are connected

Also, there is a mock up of sorta what the room would look like with the additional LED panel columns.

If you read all that...thank rock. I hope you have a incredible day.

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Unfortunately, there is not a way to left justify media. This is in fact a unique case. 

However, if you add the media to a slide in a presentation instead of a song and left justify it, it will play on the foldback.

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