Powerpoint and presentation problems via Alt output over NDI

We would like to use the Alt output in our services for an NDI output to OBS, but we can't get the presentation part to work, this problem is getting annoying.

Both Powerpoint and the built-in presentation software do not work on the alt output.

We currently use the foldback monitor as a foh screen so that we can send the main output to our stream via NDI (OBS over NDI). (foldback has no transpiring background as far as we know)

What can't we get done.

Powerpoint over NDI is not working

We can't get presentations to work properly over the alt output.

Why can't the presentation of the main output just be the same on the alt output????

for singing and bible alt output works great. Own themes so that the stream has its own layout. Fantastic, only as long as the presentation does not work it is completely useless for us.

When will there finally be a solution for this?

after searching the internet all morning and trying out in EW I came to the following to which I would like an answer.

Powerpoint over NDI remains a problem, we had that working until the update to Windows 11 and have now actually given up on this.

What we would like is to add more text fields to the theme in the theme editor. Now there are max 2, content and header, we would like to add extra content fields to this, so that we get more freedom in designing our templates.

We would also like to see a field where we can put an image, so that it is also displayed correctly on both the FOH and the Alt output. now adding an image is not possible without a lot of detours and our pastor would like to see this changed where he uses many images for support.




Search the forum, there was something we did with uninstalling office and reinstalling with EW open or something. And against all odds it worked.

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