Easy Worship 7, not able to load pictures

Loading graphics to make presentations worked fine until week before last and this week I came into work on the office laptop for Sunday's schedule and it still isn't working. it's like the pictures/graphics I am trying to load loading but not all the way. If that makes sense. It works on the computer at the worship area, but not the office one where I do the bulk of my work. HELP PLEASE! 

 Picture attached to try to show what I mean. 


(WayPoint South)

(303 KB)

Which build is it? 

Open EasyWorship and click on HELP//ABOUT EASYWORSHIP and let me know which version and build number you are running. is the version.

excuse me build is

version 7

Do any of your other images or videos display? The one you have chosen looks greyed out like it didn't download. 

Click on Help>Background helper and make sure it is running. If you see a button that says Start, click Start and then see if it works.

You can also download the newest build of EW from our downloads page on our website and see if that fixes your issue.


Thanks, I will try that tomorrow when I get to work on it next. It does really look like it's not loading, even though I am not doing anything different. (all old graphics and pictures that are already loaded are working still).


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