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I'm trying ot figure out how to arrange songs in Easyworship. I'm coming from Propresenter, where it was extremely easy and quick. At the top of the song in arrangement mode, there was a list of each element in that song. ie: Verse 1, Verse 2, Chorus, etc.To create an arrangement, you just drag each element into the arrangment line below. for example, Verse 1, Verse 2, Chorus 1, Verse 3, Chorus 1, Chorus 1, Bridge, Bridge, Chorus 1, Ending. This would move the slides into the order I wanted including duplicate slides. This allows the person running the presentation to simply move to the next slide. They don't have to guess where I'm going or follow some kind of cue sheet. Just click on the next slide, or hit the down arrow and it would advance to the next slide. It litterally takes 5-10 seconds per song. And I can save a default arragement that is always available. Or mulitple arrangements depending on how I want to do the song that week.

The only way I can figure out how to do this in Easyworship is to edit the slides and create duplicates and put them in the arrangement I want. Not very "Easy" or flexible.Am I missing a tool here?



David, this is actually one of my personal requests as well. Unfortunately, this is not a feature in EW yet. 

However, it doesn't take long to arrange and save a song using the schedule editor. You can drag and drop a song to the schedule, then right-click and edit it in the schedule. If you need to duplicate any slides, you can right-click on the slide. Then click and drag the icon in the left gutter and place the slide where you want in the song. You can rename the title to save it as an arrangement and click OK. The right click on the song in the schedule and choose Check schedule for changes. Change the option on that song to Add to Resource and click OK, and that arrangement will be added to your resource area. 

Thanks for the response Dan. 

I started wth Easyworship years ago and still have version 6 on my personal computer. The church I've been with for the past 4 years has been using ProPresenter. I don't really like ProPresenter from the standpoint of volunteer users. It's not very intuitive for new or even experienced users. However....I LOVE the arangement ease and sure wish Easyworship would add that feature. We are moving to a new location and will be sharing a facility with an exsisting church that uses Proclaim on a Windows system (Which is OK, but I really dont' love it). ProPresenter works, but doesn't really thrive in the Widows environment. Since we will be using their setup, they don't want us disconnecting projector feeds to use our computer. So our options are 1) Use Proclaim. 2) Switch to EasyWorship. 3) Use an HDMI Switcher and contiue using Proprenter. But this creates some issues with their current live feed process.

Still in decision process, but leaning heavily towards EasyWorship.

Thanks, I totally understand. This feature has been discussed among development and they are planning for it to be in a future build, hopefully in the next major version but can't promise anything because I'm not part of the development team. 

David, you must be using an older version of ProP as ProP 7 works better on Windows than it does on a Mac from my testing as well as everyone I've ever worked with that uses 7.

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