Questions on Newest Version of Easy Worship

We are currently using Easy Worship 2007. We are a small Church with usually 30 partitioners in service.

  1. We are getting new computers and I assume we should upgrade to the newest version of EW?
  2. DO we need the premium or regular subscription. We usually do not do anything too fancy, and I am not too adept with computers. Can we upgrade if we purchase a regular subscription and want to change to premium before the year is up?
  3. Does the music come with the lyrics? In other words, when I click on an included lyric in EW, does the music automatically start or do I need to use windows media also like I do now?

1. Yes. EW 2007 will not work well, if at all on Windows 10 or 11.

2. If you don't need the extra backgrounds or  media then you probably wouldn't need the premium subscription. While I don't don't know for sure ( I don't work for EW) I'm pretty sure that they would be able to update a regular subscription to a premium. You would probably need to contact them directly by telephone (+1-918-250-1493) during regular business hours, Mon thru Friday 9 AM - 6 PM CST,  or go to the support page (link below) and open a Support Ticket.

3. No, the music does not come with the song lyrics, but you can link an audio file to the lyrics and configure it to start when you click on a lyric.

You can upgrade to premium from basic before the end of the annual license, it will just start a new year and what's left of the basic year will be discounted from the price of the premium.

If you get premium sub, you are not able to downgrade to a basic sub unless it's within the first 90 days and you haven't downloaded any premium media.

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