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Hello Community.
We just wanted to let you know that we have released the newest update of EasyWorship, version 7,4.1.5.

We have fixed quite a few bugs, most importantly the freezing issue that few of you have had.

We are also excited to inform you about the newest feature that was added to this version of EasyWorship; Auto-reporting for CCLI. Simply enable auto-reporting for SongSelect by CCLI and have all of your song activity automatically reported. 

If you want to update to this newest version, you can download it from our Downloads page on our website. It hasn't been pushed to the auto-update in the software yet.

As always, if you do have questions, you can ask them here or contact support by sending an email to support@easyworship.com.


My EasyWorship keeps crashing. 

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Thank you. 

Great News, Dan

Scott, what version and build of EW are you using? What Operating system? Does your computer meet or exceed the RECOMMENDED system requirements for EW that is found on the following link? The minimum specs are essentially useless and will not provide a reasonably pleasant experience.


I am able to download on my iMac yet?

Download it, yes. Run it, only if you have it configured to run Windows. And no, I don't know how to set that up. 

How do I connect Easy Worship to SongSelect to auto-report?

Thank you for sharing this update on the release of EasyWorship version 7,4.1.5. It's great to hear that the development team has been working hard to fix the freezing issue and other bugs, which should enhance the user experience for many users. The addition of auto-reporting for CCLI is also a valuable feature that many users will likely appreciate, as it can save time and effort in reporting song activity. It's always encouraging to see software developers actively seeking to improve their product and add new features that meet the needs of their users. For those who are interested in updating to the newest version, it's great to know that it can be easily downloaded from the EasyWorship website. Keep up the good work!

They are now up to 7.4.19 as the latest and current release.

When will the latest comes out

The latest is always out. 

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