Themes don't reflect or honour text formating

I have a Presentation with 6 video slides, only the first has text. So for alt output I have to make a Presentation Theme to reflect the text format. All slides appear perfect except the text format.

The text is centre justified correctly on the main display but on the alt output it is left justified despite it being set as centre justified.

I have attached images and theme setup. Any ideas


Alt Output.jpg
(52.2 KB)

Thanks David, we are aware of this issue and I have already added it to our bug log.

Work around for now ... Check the Options under Edit and see what the default alignment is for the Default font for Alt out. If it isn't set to Center, change it to center and see if that works. If it is set to Center, change it to Left and see if that works. Hopefully we can get it fixed soon.

Thanks Dan, do you know if this is fixed in the beta?

I did test it in and it is not fixed yet

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