Mp4 videos just stopped working on the church easy worship software. tbh it was working perfecting before but all of a sudden it just went black screen. We have tried troubleshooting the software but still not working and the videos are sths we cant do without during the service . Any idea on how to go about it.

Do they play in the preview window?

What version and build number of EW are you running?

Go Live to the video and then click on Help, Video codec troubleshooting and let us know what's in that list.

Yes video does play on the preview window. 

the version of the easy worship is EW7 and build number

Below is the screenshot of the video codec  image

(654 KB)

please can someone respond to this issue . its been days that the last comment was posted and no one has responded 

Can you please download and install the newest build of EW and see if that fixes the issue?


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