using remote control to operate powerpoint presentations in Easyworship 7

I don't want to use a remote to control easy worship 7 but I do want to use a remote control to operate powerpoint presentations in an Easy worship schedule. I can't get our remote to work in Easyworship 7 although if I just open powerpoint on the computer the remote works fine. Help please!

Hi Andy, you have to edit the HotKeys.2.ini file for EW7. Check out  "Using A Presenter Remote" in the Knowledge Base it shows you how to do it. I use the LogiTech R800 Remote so I attached the file setup for that it might be similar to yours.

First close EasyWorship7.
1. Go to start, run or right click the start button and click run, or search for "run" and open it.
2. In the run box that appears type in %programdata% and press enter.
3. Double Click softouch : EasyWorship.v7 : settings
4. Double click on hotkeys.2.ini
5. When windows asks what to open the file with, select notepad.

Hope this helps, David

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Thanks David. I’ll give it a go
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