Copyright info on Alternate Output

Since upgrading to EW7 14 the copyright info has now started appearing on our Alternate Output. I can't figure out how to turn this off as it now shifts the song words up and covers half the image instead of lower 3rd.

There is a way of turning the copyright off altogether or on 1st verse only but nothing in Options/Alt Output/Song to turn it off in Alt Output only.

This was not the case in the previous version, it didn't display on the Alt Output at all.

Can you please suggest maybe something in ComputerSettings.ini to change this or put it back the way it was.

It's bad enough that I have to reconfigure other settings whenever there is a new update but at least these can be altered.

Thanks and Merry Christmas

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The Alt out will use the main out settings for Copyright info. If you have it turned off in the main output under Song in the options, then it will also be off for the Alt output.

Updates should not change your computersettings.ini 

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