Changes with new version

I prepare the easyworship file at home and transfer it via thumb drive to the church computer.  Last Sunday, when I loaded the file, the new backgrounds I used did not transfer.  All the backgrounds were black.  I had to upload the new backgrounds to the church laptop.  I've not had to do this previously.  Is this something new?

Make sure when you save the schedule that you check the box to pack the files in the schedule on the bottom of the Save window. 

You can also set this as a default setting by going to Edit>Options>Advanced and check the box to always pack the files in the schedule when saving.

The only time this will not apply is if you are saving a previously saved schedule that the files were not packed. In that case, to save it with files packed, you will need to go to File>Save Schedule As and manually check the box to pack the files.

No. Nothing has changed in that regard. More than likely the box in the Save As dialog box that says Pack files in schedule (or something to that effect) wasn't checked when you saved it that time. There have been a couple of occasions when that happened to me right after I updated EW to a newer build. 

Thanks for your replies.  I will try that this weekend.

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