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I need some clarification on what I need to do in order to access song lyrics. I purchased the premium easy worship subscription but am limited on my song selection. When I look at the different subscriptions under CCLI, there are 4 or so that is available. I want to make sure I understand this correctly. Do I need to only purchase the copyright license to access the lyrics, or does it require the ‘song select’ subscription as well.
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You will need to contact CCLI to get complete clarification on what their different subscriptions are, but from my understanding, if you get the CCLI license, you will have access to the full SongSelect lyric library. If you want to access chord/lyric/hymn sheets, you will need to purchase the additional SongSelect subscription. But, as I said before, if you contact CCLI, they can definitely give you a complete answer on this.

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