Elgato HD60 S - EW doesn't show any configurations/no audio

We have a Elgato HD60 S which we were using for our live stream camera until we upgraded. I now am wanting to use this to feed the HDMI from the pastors macbook into EW for his sermons.

When adding the capture card in OBS, it allows me to see the video preferences window (just like you would a webcam) and theres a setting for HDMI audio or analog in.

In EW when I add it, I get no settings option, and I get no audio. I haven't yet been back to test the audio from the 3.5mm jack, but is there something I'm missing to see the capture card settings?

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Just tried with my webcam, appears to be the same

Is there not a video settings/preferences window anywhere, tell me I'm being blind lol

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