EasyWorship Live Camera Feed

Hello everyone,

I'm using a Blackmagic ATEM Mini Pro connected to my laptop via USB-C (with a PTZ camera connected via HDMI to the ATEM) as a live camera feed to EasyWorship. Sometimes the camera feed to EW freezes. To resolve I have shut down the ATEM mini.

Anyone else experiencing this issue and has a different solution?


I have never run into this issue. What version of EasyWorship are you running?

Does the camera freeze on the ATEM also, or just the feed in EW?

Hi Dan,

Thanks for your response. We are using This issue has existed with all the previous versions. Only the camera feed in EW freezes.


Since this is not a known issue, it would probably be best for you to contact support directly and have them work with you to see what could be happening.

You can go to www.easyworship.com/book to set up a callback with a technician, or you can call or email support@easyworship.com. +1 918-250-1493

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