Alternative output videos and images

Is there anyway to not display videos and images on the alternative output? We would like to keep this just for lyrics and scriptures.

Yes. Create a blank theme and set it as your Alt Default Theme.  Then when you go live it will just be the text on a black background. 

So if I do this and go live with an image or video it will only display on the main output and not the alternative output?


We have a setup with EasyWorship where we use 3 output from EW:

  • Main (Background + top aligned text for projectors)
  • Alternative (Black background with bottom aligned text for keying on Livestream)
  • Foldback (for the band/preacher to see slides, next slide, Clock

When We Run Video, Pictures, or PowerPoints is it outputted both on Main and Alternative which is an issue for us, as we need to manually take off the Keyer to not show wrong transparent content.
I have tried the solution above, but we still have Videos and PowerPoints on all Outputs

Any solution to this?

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