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Hi, We are having difficulty getting Mcafee configured properly to allow the EasyWorship remote app to connect. We have reinstalled Bonjour and we have added Bonjour and EasyWorship application to the allowed applications in the Mcafee firewall application. Do you have any recommendations? Thank you, Mark (Removed phone number)

First of NEVER post your contact details like a phone number in a public forum. It's NEVER necessary and a huge security risk.

That said, what version and build of EW?

Is this for IOS (iPhones) or Android?

If it's Android, what version of Android are you having issues with?

Are the phones/tablets connected to the exact same network?

EW Support will probably want to know the above information in trying to diagnose the issue for you when they get back in the office on Tuesday.

I'm just a user trying to help other users so I don't have access to all of the information the actual EW Support Personnel have. That said, our Church found that starting with either Android 10 or 11 (I'm pretty sure it was 11) the Android app would no longer connect to a working system. IOS (iPhone, iPad) continued to work as did older versions of Android which tells me that it probably isn't the firewall on the computer, but some security setting on the actual phone(s) and the later versions of Android causing the problem.

Thank you. I have version 7, Build The remote remote app is on an iPad. As I stated, I have added Bonjour and Easy Worship to tue allowed programs in the Mcafee setup but it is still blocking it. If I disable the Mcafee firewall the remote app works. Anyone experience woth Mcafee in this setup? I will probably replace Mcafee with something else if there are any recommendations. Thanks!

McAfee is considered to be malware by a lot of security specialists for a variety of reasons. For most people Windows Defender that is part of Windows 10 and 11 is more than sufficient for their needs. Add a program named UnChecky (which blocks installing unnecessary offers and software included in the installer of actual apps) and an AdBlocker such as UBlock Origin to ALL browsers to give users fewer chances to click on something they shouldn't. I've found over the years that the combination of Ublock Origin and Unchecky stopped virtually all of my calls to take care of malware issues caused by careless users. The Free Malwarebytes for occasional scans if something does slip thru is a good backup.

And unfortunately most of the other free AV products such as Avast, Avira, AVG, as well as paid versions of these along with Norton, Kaspersky, Panda, Sophos, etc aren't any better. The only three I trust are Malwarebytes as a stand alone manual scanner (the paid version isn't worth it), Windows Defender, and BitDefender. Everything else is pretty much useless, creates other problems, or has a poor track record of how they handle user data.

McAfee is considered malware? I disagree. Not an AV I would use, but it is a legitimate AV product.

Most security experts consider it Malware, if for no other reason is that many other legitimate AV software label it as PUP (potentially unwanted product). 

Not sure who your security experts are, but it is just not true. It is legitimate AV software. Not the best. But legit.

It hasn't been for close to a decade. 

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