MIDI Schedule Advancing for Foldback Next Item Display

We run the schedule almost exclusively via MIDI, this allows us to sync lights and our switcher.  However, on the Foldback, the "Next Item" is pretty much always incorrect except during songs or the sermon, that is, until we get to the end, then it is incorrect again. Am I missing a setting somewhere for this? I do have it set that when we select the "Go Live" button within EasyWorship, it selects the next schedule item. This would be helpful so the next item feature on the foldback would update properly when we are advancing the schedule via MIDI.

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Unfortunately, when using MIDI, EW won't follow along in the schedule. This also happens when using the remote app or the Stream Deck or Companion. I have the same issue and have entered in a feature request. I will talk to the developers about it again and see if I can get an answer about why it doesn't work or if it can.

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