Song lyric screen spits into 4 sections and only show one or two sections occasionally.

I believe our song database is corrupted or something else is going on. Occasionally for one slide in a song, the lyric screen being projected spits into to 4 equal sections and only displays half or a quarter of the words. The next lyric slide shows the entire screen. This is happening in multiple songs and is progressively getting worse. The fold back screen is always correct.
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If that computer is running off of the integrated graphics that could easily cause issues such as this as it doesn't even come close to meeting even the minimum specifications to run EW 7.3.x.x.

The easiest way to tell if it's a corrupted database would be to use the Profiles Manager (found under the Profiles tab in the menu) to create a brand new profile and switch to that temporarily. Add in a fresh/new copy of some of the songs in question and see if that works okay or has the same problems. See the link below for information about Profiles.

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