Presenter Remote still not working after Reverting Hotkeys

We use a Logitech R700 and after updating to EasyWorship 7.3 our presenter remote stopped working fully and only moved onto the next item in the schedule. I went through the troubleshooting guide to revert hotkeys to previous settings by changing the names on the hotkeys files. And now the presenter remote right clicker acts as the go live button. Please can anyone help? We would like the right clicker to allow us to click through each slide and the left clicker to go bck.


If you stepped through the article on the website to revert your hotkeys back and it's not working correctly, then you may have renamed or deleted the wrong files. It would be best for you to call support or send an email to support and they can help you get it back to the way it was working previously

Hi Llinos Burt,

I've attached the hot keys 2 file for the Logitech R700 to use the the correct keys for EW7.3.0.13 with Windows 10.

Blessings David

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