CCLI report based on EasyWorship schedule file content

I have developed an alternative method for producing a report of song usage for CCLI that I thought I would share. I don’t know if CCLI reporting is different for the UK, but it overcomes the difficulty I have with the EasyWorship integrated report which lists any and every invocation of a song regardless of whether it is used within a service or not, or just for testing. It uses instead the data from one of more schedule files to compile a list of song usage in Excel. The assumption is that it is only the songs in the schedule file that are used during the service and hence can generate a more accurate report. If a given schedule uses the same song more than once, then only one instance of that song is reported. Unfortunately, you still must enter the data manually into CCLI.

I have attached a zipped version of the Excel workbook to this post. Instructions on how to use it are included within the workbook. You will have to enable macros for this workbook in order for it to work, but the code is accessible so you can check that it doesn’t contain any nasties. 

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Thanks. I haven't tried it yet, but it should come in quite handy.

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