Delay when shifting pages in a song

I've been searching though the discussion forum now, but I cannot find an answer to my question. So I'll post it here.

We do experience approx 3 sec delay when we change between the pages in a song. That is a larger delay than we had on an older computer, with an older version of EW. So I wonder if there is a "delay-option" somewhere in EW, or if it is something with this particular build of EW. I've seen several refer to a problem with AMD graphic on older EW, but that is not our case since we have Intel. 

We use EasyWorkship 7 Build on a HP ProDesk 400 G6 desktop with Windows 11. Graphic processor Intel UHD Graphics 630 with the newest driver 

Do other experience the same? Is there a possible solution for this, or is this a delay "by design"? 

When I set up a new song or edit one, the first thing I do is go to INSPECTOR and then SLIDE and TRANSITION.  Set transition to NONE.  Then when you go from one slide to the next in that song, there is no delay. 

Hope this helps.

The issue is due to trying to run EW on a computer that does not meet the MINIMUM specs to run EW 7.  Your UHD Graphics 630 doesn't come close to having enough graphics power to run It might be able to run well enough, but only under certain conditions.

First, no there isn't any delay option in EW. There are ways to help minimize it tho. One is to disable transitions between slides in setup. Another is to just use plain colors as a background and not use Images or especially Motion or Video Backgrounds. They simply place to much demand on the graphics solution, especially one as low powered as the UHD Graphics 630, EW  (along with ALL of the 7.2 and 7.3 releases) are coded to use more Graphics processing and less CPU power than previous releases. is the last release that uses the CPU more and the Graphics less. That is why I recommend it to people with low end graphics like yours. You can download from the EW7 Download Page and install it without removing to see if it works better for you. We run on a couple of lower powered laptops in our Childrens area and are able to make them work well enough by avoiding using Motion/Video backgrounds.

The link below is for EW6 as well as EW7.

EW7 download page.


From the main menu bar go to Edit - Options - Transitions and sett them to none. These are global settings and will be applied to any new songs, scriptures, etc. automatically and should apply to existing ones as well. you might need to manually set one occasionally via Inspector, but that should be the exception rather than the rule.

Thank you so much for your feedbacks! I will give the Transitions a try before next meeting. We do already only use black background and no fancy transition/background is needed. If that don't work out, then I see the fact that EW is very demanding on the graphic card. It's not that easy to change since this is a brand new computer, but I'll figure it out. Thanks!

And don't forget about trying release which is less demanding on the Graphics. 

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