transfer database to new computer AND upgrade from ew6 to 7

We have EW 6 on an old laptop computer that we have used for 6 years.

We have ordered a new laptop - and we are planning to upgrade to EW7.

What would be the best way to transfer our database (songs, backgrounds, etc)?

For instance, could we first install EW7 on the new computer - and then transfer the database from old laptop EW6 to the new laptop with EW7.

Or would it be better to install EW 6 on the new laptop, do the transfer - and then when it's all done upgrade to EW7 on the new one?

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Install 7 then transfer the profile. Use the Profile Transfer tool that you can download from EW to make the transfer as easy and painless as possible. See link below.

We have the 2009 version. I tried using the profile transer tool however none of the songs come over to the new V7.

What else can I try?

Put each of the songs into a Schedule and save it using the Save As option and making sure that the Pack files in schedule option is checked in the dialog box that pops up to select the drive/folder to save it to. This will save any backgrounds that you have assigned to specific songs is saved along with it. Depending on how many songs you have you might need to create several schedules and only place some of the songs in each as it can become unwieldy to place too many in a single schedule.

Now open each schedule, one at a time in the new computer and use the Check Schedule for Changes to save them to that computer. See the support video for information on doing that.

You can do this for songs, videos, images, audio files, etc. 

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