Not compatible with Internet Explorer

When I look at a song in Song Select using EW it tells me that I am using an out of date browser and suggests I download a newer one. Microsoft Edge is already my default browser so how do I tell Easy Worship this?

You don't. It's complicated but essentially EW uses an API call (or something to that effect) to start Internet Explorer and there is now way for a user to change the browser it uses. That is something that EW states that they are working on and will be addressed in an update sometime in the future for EW7. They haven't released a time for when that will happen. So at this point you will just have to sit back and be patient for that update to be released, just like the other dozens of people who have been posting about this. 

This issue with IE seems pretty major.  What is the issue.  They claim in at least one response that I read that you can use SongSelect but how?

Please share updates if you ever get one

Close EasyWorship and run the file from this link and see if that fixes it.

That is for SongSelect only. Has no effect on other websites.

this Web browser is pretty big  for us because we normally use browser. is there any fix on this? please advise

In the one day since I last stated that isn't one yet? No. They have not announced when the fix will be released. You'll just have to be patient and wait just the multitude of others who have asked this same question over and over and over again ad nausium.

I wish to insert a YouTube clip and keep being informed I need to update my browser but I can't do this. Is there any way round this?

I wish to insert a YouTube clip but can't without changing the browser from Internet Explorer to Chrome or Edge etc. I cannot do this. Is there anyway round this? 

As has been stated numerous times in this, and other threads there is no way to do this at the present time. EW is working on a fix for this that will be contained in an upcoming update, but they haven't released it yet nor have they set a release date for it yet. 

They posted a beta of 7.4 a week ago which replaces the browser.

Hi there, we have had this problem and downloaded the Beta 7.4 which has been fine, but it says it is expiring in 4 days! I tried the link to the fix posted by Donal Funkhouser, but it did not seem to fix anything in the 7.3 version. I still get the issue when trying to get lyrics from Song Select saying I have an outdated browser (when I do not). Has anyone successfully applied the fix and does anyone else has an expiry on their Beta 7.4? I am thinking maybe I try to uninstall and reinstall the Beta, but thought I would check here first! Any help appreciated as we only just started using easy Worship this year so every service we have new songs to download from Song Select and will be lost in 4 days when our Beta expires!

There is a new beta that does not expire until July here  it is listed under the Announcements under news. 

Groupsecretary, as releases of EW prior to 7.4 utilize Internet Explorer technically SongSelect is correct in that you have an unsupported and outdated browser. It has nothing to do with what other browsers are installed on the computer, only the one that EW uses.


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