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How can I get a product license for Easy Worship 

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I have a easyworship license ID, and I login to my account, and I dont see a software license link

You can email to get help with your license.

Good afternoon from here, i created an account in EasyWorship but didn't see a lower tab bearing software licenses 

Hi Jeremiah. 

I was not able to find any license under your email address. You have to have a subscription or have previously had a purchased copy to register the program. EW 7 only uses your email address and password that you used when you subscribe to the program. 

help me with software licence

You can email to get help with your license.

there is no license for EasyWorship in my account. please now can you help?

There is no Song in the song database of my easyworship. what can I do?


Do you own a copy of EasyWorship or have a subscription? That is the only way to get a license file. 

Please, under the product license of my easyworship 7 account, it reads "No licenses for this account." . I need assistance to get product license

You can purchase it on-line. 

software license


Danieligbagboyemi, what about Software License?

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